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Is Valaya from Parfums de Marly the next ‘it’ fragrance?

Is Valaya from Parfums de Marly the next ‘it’ fragrance?

Introducing the latest release from one of the most beloved niche fragrance houses

If you’re a fragrance enthusiast or are just beginning to explore the world of niche fragrances, the possibility of you not coming across the renowned Parfums de Marly is slim. The French maison has produced some of the most talked-about perfumes in the industry, including Delina, Delina Exclusif, and Layton.

This year, Valaya is poised to become the brand’s next big hit. “Valaya evokes the sensation of cotton on the skin. It’s a perfume that creates a cocoon-like experience, simultaneously sensual and elegant. A white fragrance brimming with contrasts, it is delicate yet incredibly captivating,” describes Julien Sprecher, CEO of Parfums de Marly and co-creator of Valaya.

The other perfumer behind this fragrance is Quentin Bisch, a French nose responsible for the olfactory pyramid of Valaya. The top notes include bergamot, mandarin, and white peach. The heart notes consist of orange flower, nympheal, and vetiver, while the base notes feature akigalawood, ambrofix, and musk.

Although marketed towards women, many reviews conclude that Valaya leans towards being a unisex fragrance, and I couldn’t agree more. Judging by its notes, one might expect a floral explosion, but it leans more towards a citrus-fresh, woody scent, with an abundance of musk provided by the bergamot, vetiver, ambrofix, and musk.

While I understand the comparison to Dolce and Gabbana’s iconic Light Blue due to the lightness brought by mandarin and white florals, Valaya possesses greater depth in its composition. Online reviews also draw similarities between Valaya and Ex Nihilo’s Fleur Narcotique (another perfume by Quentin Bisch), but the latter is said to have weaker performance. As for my personal experience, Valaya lingers on the skin for almost 12 hours and remains on clothes for over two days.

Looking at the packaging—a white translucent bottle adorned with a white satin tassel—one might assume this is a delicate fragrance that stays close to the skin. However, as Quentin discussed the duality of this fragrance, I grasped its true essence: it’s both fresh and sensual, delicate yet powerful. Wearing Valaya feels like being enveloped in a freshly-washed cotton veil, infused with spring water, white florals, and freshly-picked green leaves, gently sun-dried under a filtered sun.

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If you’re in search of something fresh, a fragrance that exudes musk and emanates from the skin like a fragrant veil, with excellent longevity and versatility for day-to-night wear, you must acquire a bottle of Valaya.

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