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Garage Tries: Samsung MX-ST50B Sound Tower

Garage Tries: Samsung MX-ST50B Sound Tower

Reviews from two different users: a casual music listener and a sound engineer

Samsung recently launched its newest sound tower, the MX-ST50B Sound Tower, which boasts bi-directional speaker design, great performance life, and durability. We got to test it out at Garage and looked at how the sound tower performs in an enclosed space as well as in an outdoor setting. From an aesthetics perspective, the sound quality it provides, and accessories, read through what we think.

Jerico Villamonte, managing editor/digital content creator:

I grew up in a big family that loves music. Almost all in our family can play guitar, bass, organ, hit a note, and even play with a band. Whenever there’s a family outing, singing and dancing along are always part of the fun, so a good sound system is almost always a must.

The Samsung MX-ST50B Sound Tower seems like a good option for a group that’s looking for a stereo that can fill up a small venue. With 240 watts of output and a bass booster, this is a good music source because it can also last up to 18 hours of battery life.

What I also like about this robust speaker is that even though it boasts monstrous sounds, it’s still kind of discreet with its black, sleek, geometric design and mobile nature, where you can tag it along to your family trips and even move it around.

It also has an IPX5 rating, making it water-resistant, perfect for pool parties, especially this summer. You can take this stereo near the pool and not worry about splashing water when fooling around.

This Sound Tower also offers a mobile app where you can play as a DJ, adjusting various equalizer settings (Noise, Filter, Crush, Chorus, Wahwah.) Through the app, there’s also an option where you can adjust the stereo lights depending on your mood (Party, Ambient, Dance, Thunderbolt, Star, or just turn it off), which are all useful whether you are in a big group having fun or just chilling and having a sound trip by yourself.

Isagani Palabyab, music producer/sound engineer:

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As someone who works closely with bands and solo acts in the studio and on stage, I tried out the sound tower in different listening environments. I categorized my point-of-view in two: pros and cons. I also added some recommendations if you are looking into buying this sound system in particular.


  • It’s a portable PA system that can easily cover an area of 200 sqm. to 400 sqm.
  • Balanced frequency response
  • Easy to carry and place in any indoor or outdoor venue
  • Remote is convenient and easy to figure out
  • Connectivity is easy and very accessible (Bluetooth connectivity has a very far range)
  • Has a mic in
  • It has two aux ins via RCA connection
  • You can also plug in a thumb drive and play music directly
  • The fact that you can pair more devices is also convenient


  • It’s hard to know what sound mode you are on as there is no visual indication.
  • Bass is not deep enough for a full cinematic experience.


  • Perfect for small events
  • Great option for small corporate workshops
  • Great option for busking musicians
  • Great all-around home speaker system
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