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LOOK: This latest iteration of Ultraboost is the lightest ever!

LOOK: This latest iteration of Ultraboost is the lightest ever!

The Adidas running shoe supports each stride with extra boost 

Ten years ago, the Ultraboost line was first introduced to the market. This year, Adidas marks another success as they unveil their latest member of the shoe franchise, the Ultraboost Light.

If you love the comfort and lift provided by your past Ultraboost, you’ll fall head over heels for this new iteration because it boasts 30 percent lighter materials than the previous models. This means running in comfort with bounce while feeling light and confident.

“At Adidas, we know that running is personal. Everyone has a different goal and therefore, different requirements for their shoes,” said Simon Lockett, footwear product marketing category director. “That is why we’re continuously looking at ways to improve our products for the Adidas running community. Now, thanks to our ground-breaking material innovation – Light Boost – runners retain the existing benefits of running in an Ultraboost, but with the bonus of a lighter silhouette.”

Aside from lighter materials, Ultraboost Light also features a redesigned Linear Energy Point (LEP) found on the sole of the shoe optimizing responsiveness and synchronization with the Ultraboost material. The upper is made of Primeknit+ which feels snug but not too constricting.

For its rubber, the shoe features the brand’s Continental material, providing traction and securing a confident run in any weather condition. Compared to the previous models, Ultraboost Light also benefits from a ten percent lower carbon footprint.

“Running with tired or heavy legs can be uncomfortable, and heavy shoes may play a role in this sensation for some people,” said Dr. Matthew Klein, chief editor and founder, Doctors of Running. “Lighter shoes however tend to make running more efficient, meaning they can potentially improve performance for both elite runners, but also entry and everyday runners.”

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The Ultraboost Light is currently available in five colorways, including the 10th anniversary special edition, which comes in black with yellow detailing to honor the first-ever Adidas silhouette with Ultraboost technology.

For more information about Adidas Ultraboost Light, click here

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