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Flexitarianism: Are you ready to switch to a more plant-centric lifestyle?

Flexitarianism: Are you ready to switch to a more plant-centric lifestyle?

It’s like being vegetarian but with reservations

Part of the Filipino culture is love for food. If you ask most locals what’s their favorite “ulam,” most will say adobo or sinigang, which are mainly cooked with meat. Since we were young, we were taught to eat more fruits and vegetables but a lot of us still stick with consuming meat because it’s more flavorful and fulfilling. But as we get older, we learn more about the benefits of eating healthier alternatives and the downside of always eating meat. For this year, why not spice your new year’s resolutions up by being a flexitarian? 

As you can already tell, “flexitarianism” or having a flexitarian diet is a play on two words: flexible and vegetarian. The premise of this diet is being a semi-vegetarian where you consume a lot of plant-based alternatives but with cheat days where you can consume meat.

For people who can’t force themselves into eating vegetables, or the ones who want to eat less meat but still want to get a lot of protein in their diet, we found a brand that you can use to trick your body and mind into thinking you’re consuming meat. Meet no-meat Green Rebel, Southeast Asia’s provider of alternative protein that offers whole-cut plant-based meat alternatives for consumers in search of healthier, flexitarian, and plant-based diets.

The brand has made headlines in the past two years for its know-hows in creating whole-cut plant-based beef and chicken with a fibrous texture and meaty bite, including the first whole-cut steak in Asia back in June 2021.

Some of their signature products include the Indonesian household favorite, rendang—in the form of the Green Rebel Beefless Rendang; a Japanese breaded classic, Green Rebel Chick’n Katsu; and Asia’s first whole-cut plant-based steak, the Green Rebel Beefless Steak.

“The plant-based meat category has been around for some time but is only recently starting to gain traction in the mainstream market in the last few years,” stated Max Mandias, co-founder of Green Rebel. “As a collective category, we are expanding quickly in terms of value and options, but this also means, the number of brands is increasing year on year, with more competition and alternative brands finding their way into baskets around the world.”

But let’s face it, most plant-based products in the market are almost as expensive as real meat. But with culinary expertise and the innovation of food technology, Green Rebel is able to provide affordable and nutritious meat alternatives without compromising flavor. 

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If you’re looking to consume more veggies but still can’t let go of your meat, maybe it’s time to go flexitarian. Green Rebel has offerings that are accessible to all people regardless of lifestyle which range from P205 to P290. 

Check out their products below:

Beefless Chunks – P275
Beefless Steak 2 – P290
Green Curry Chick_n – P205
Plant Mince – P215

Green Rebel is available online at Mayani and Vegore. The brand is also expected to officially enter the Philippine market this February via food services and supermarkets.

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