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Need a glow up? Try this upgraded vitamin C skincare range

Need a glow up? Try this upgraded vitamin C skincare range

The Body Shop puts camu camu berries and bakuchiol on the spotlight

Skincare has taken center stage in the past years especially during the start of the pandemic. According to Global Google searches, one of the most searched topics in the engine is “how to get a glowing skin” and the benefits of vitamin C in skincare. 

Even before the pandemic, The Body Shop has been offering skincare range with vitamin C on their roster. This September, their trusty vitamin C favorites are getting a glow up, squeezing more vitamin C into its bestselling formulas with concentrations of up to 10 percent and made with at least 90 percent ingredients of natural origin.

One of nature’s richest sources of vitamin C is the Amazonian camu camu berry and now you can find them in The Body Shop’s improved range. These berries are naturally rich in antioxidants, freeing the skin from free radicals and other oxidizing agents that prevent the skin from having that clear and glowing complexion. 

Aside from these natural berries, the brand is also adding bakuchiol (a gentler alternative to retinol) which is known for its complexion-boosting capabilities. Bakuchiol is also known to improve appearance of uneven skin tone and skin texture for that covetable lit-from-within glow. 

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Two trusty favorites that feature these star ingredients are the Daily Glow Cleansing Polish and Glow Boosting Moisturiser. The Body Shop is also launching an all-new vitamin C product, Glow Revealing Serum which is enriched with 10 percent vitamin C which has the highest vitamin C concentration from the brand. 

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