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What you need to know about total body remodeling procedure EvolveX

What you need to know about total body remodeling procedure EvolveX

The system uses bi-polar radio frequency and electrical muscle stimulation

Achieving one’s “body goals” is not a walk in the park. Especially when one wants to lose excess weight around the tummy, which is one of the hardest to lose fats in on the body. A lot of slimming procedures are offered now in the market but most of the time, these procedures have either downtime, takes time to work, or must be coupled with other treatments to be effective.

If you’re looking to reduce fat, tone muscles, and tighten the skin, you must look into Marie France’s exclusive system called EvolveX, which combines the three procedures in just one treatment. This system, which promises total body remodeling, features two clinically proven technologies: bi-polar radio frequency and electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) done through Evolve Transform which destroys fats and defines muscles and Evolve Tite that tightens the skin.

The Evolve Transform features high voltage bi-polar radio frequency (RF) energy that uniformly deep-heats the skin and upper fat layers triggering a disruption to the fat cell membranes that leads to fat cell death called apoptosis resulting in destruction of localized fat. After the RF, EMS then works to induce muscle contractions to build, tone, and strengthen the muscles.

A lot of people who lose weight also suffer from sagging skin which EvolveX also targets. From loose skin caused by significant weight loss, sagging skin due to aging or even pregnancy for women, Evolve Tite also uses RF to deliver heat that goes deeper to reach the fibroseptal network of the skin, maximizing the formation of new collagen (neocollagenesis) to achieve superior skin tightening.

Done under an hour, this procedure promises results with no downtime and no pain either. This treatment has been tested by international experts in slimming and body shaping, specifically leading plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Erez Dayan who testified for the procedure. “I don’t like to typically compare non-invasive technology with surgery but almost 800 cc (roughly 3.6 in inches) is a near-liposuction change. It’s just what it is. And the patients really sense that and they’re very satisfied with that because they fit differently in clothing, their waist circumference has improved,” he says.

Garage probed more about the treatment to further enlighten anyone who is interested in the EvolveX system. Here’s what the Marie France team had to say:  

What can one expect in terms of pain level from the procedure?

EvolveX is virtually pain-free. The Evolve Transform simulates an intense focused workout with comfortable pulsing motions on the targeted area while most clients who have undergone Evolve Tite have likened it to a warm, soothing sensation, similar to a hot stone massage.

What are do’s and don’ts before and after the procedure?

The treatment does not require any specific preparations before the session. Right after the treatment, some redness may be observed on the treated areas but this will fade in a few hours.

Who qualifies for the procedure?

EvolveX will work best for someone with stubborn pockets of fat or problem areas where it is hard to lose excess fat. It is also good for those struggling with lax muscles, saggy skin, and lumpy cellulite.

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At least how many inches can an individual lose in one session?

The amount of circumferential reduction after a session of EvolveX varies from person to person based on the client’s current shape, skin, and muscle conditions. We’re happy to share though that many Marie France clients have so far been enthused with losing half an inch to an inch (some even more) in their treated area after a treatment.

Can the procedure define my abs/thighs?

Yes, EvolveX can help add definition to problem areas like the tummy and thighs through EMS. But as to how defined the abs or thighs will be after the program is highly dependent on a lot of factors. A consultation with one of our experts is necessary to assess the current level of fat, skin laxity and muscle tone of the target area before commencing the treatment to better understand what the client’s body goals are.    

 What can I expect after the procedure? Will I be flushing out the fat?

 The fat will be flushed out naturally through your body’s lymphatics.

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