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Here’s why you need to switch to this wellness store

Here’s why you need to switch to this wellness store

Watsons expands product range with competitive prices

Watsons has been a go-to one-stop-shop for everyone looking into wellness and beauty shopping. The retail shop carries a vast range of products we have known to love in our grooming and health stash. But did you know that Watsons has started to expand their own product line too? 

From personal care to hair care, skincare, oral care to paper goods, vitamins, supplements, and even other wellness equipment, Watsons now carries their own brand offering customers more options and even bigger savings. 

Aside from affordability, Watsons also makes sure of the quality their products promise. “Watsons brands products go through a five-step quality process,” shares the brand. And through this, patrons can be assured that Watsons is committed to only giving safe and effective products to the market. 

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Through this pandemic, it’s important to stay healthy, and as much as possible, make savings too! Here are some of the products from the Watsons line that promise good deals and even better savings:

Watsons Sodium Ascorbate + Zinc boost Immune system, and buy one, plus take one Watson’s shampoo and conditioner
Buy one, take one Watson’s mouthwash
Buy one, take one Watson’s cream hand wash
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