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Here’s how this Uber driver-turned-NFT gamer was able to afford his dream house

Here’s how this Uber driver-turned-NFT gamer was able to afford his dream house

Kookoo Crypto shares tips on how to succeed and make a living

NFT or non-fungible token may still be new to many but the world of crypto is growing and evolving fast. One individual who’s well-versed in this realm is Kookoo Crypto. This now-multimillionaire’s story may inspire you as he started as an Uber driver working long and tiring shifts to now earning over $1 million in less than two years by playing Axie Infinity, an NFT-based online video game which uses Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies 

“My story sounds too good to be true, but I want to share to fellow Pinoys how I was able to afford my dream house and how I retired my parents while at home in my sando through playing a video game that I love,” said Kookoo.

Kookoo read an article on how fellow Filipinos earned from playing Axie Infinity during the pandemic, which led him to download the game and learn the basics of taking care of the pets or the so-called “Axies.” After that, he began selling them to other players for $50 to $100 each. 

With this, Kookoo partnered with Nas Academy Philippines to teach anyone curious about earning serious money by understanding the strategies in the game. The masterclass includes Zoom sessions where he discusses the crypto ecosystem, the basics of Axie Infinity, how play-to-earn works, and complex gameplay strategy. 

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“Kookoo Crypto’s masterclass is just one of several crypto learning courses that put the platform at the forefront of helping Filipinos understand the crypto ecosystem to prepare them for the shift of businesses investing more into the space,” said Jacqueline Maye Lim, Nas Academy Philippines country head. “The online learning platform explains technical concepts in simple terms so Filipinos can learn about crypto without the intimidation that comes with the complexity of the cryptocurrency universe.”

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