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Aesop releases a trio of unorthodox fragrances with Othertopias

Aesop releases a trio of unorthodox fragrances with Othertopias

‘Fragrances inspired by spaces that blur boundaries of real and unreal’

Distinct packaging, unique products, and one-of-a-kind interiors, Aesop has been serving unconventional cosmetics for over 34 years. Although they were first known to be a skincare brand, the company has expanded to haircare, soap, and fragrance. For their latest release, the brand is adding three fragrances to the house with Miraceti, Karst, and Erémia, promising to transport wearers to realms both real and imagined. 

“Although it operates innately, our sense of smell is partly acquired; each aroma informed by our experience, and continually re-shaped by our dreams and memories,” states Aesop. “This is why each smell, whether in the air, on our skin, or on our clothes, is able to transport us to realms both real and imagined. Othertopias is the embodiment of this—the distillation of liminal spaces that unlock reverie.”

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The nose behind Othertopias is Aesop’s long-time fragrance partner Barnabé Fillion, who is known for his signature perfumery style where he uses botany and phycology. The Miraceti mixes labdanum, ambrette, and styrax which are resinous, woody, and spicy—an ode to seafarers. Karst is fresh, herbaceous, and salty due to the juniper, cumin, and sandalwood in the blend. Erémia is green, floral, and citrus which mingles galbanum, iris, and yuzu that are flowery, mossy, and woody. 

For more details about Othertopias, visit Aesop’s website.

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