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LOOK: Mitchell Slaggert and his anywhere, anytime workout routine

LOOK: Mitchell Slaggert and his anywhere, anytime workout routine

The new face Jean Paul Gaultier ‘Le Male’ reveals 10 exercises for those always on the go

“The main motivation for me to work out is to get that extra serotonin in my brain,” model Mitchell Slaggert says in a video feature by Vogue Hommes. “People are always like, ‘How are you so happy all the time?’ I’m like, ‘I work out a lot and I’ve got a lot of freaking serotonin up here.’”

Even if a lot may strike your mood down during lockdown, exercise may help boost it up. Mitchell Slaggert, Jean Paul Gaultier’s new face of “Le Male,” works out anytime, anywhere and shares his total body fitness program


“Quick fix method to sculpt your body when you put on a little weight, definitely cardio. Go for a run, go for a swim, get your heartbeat going. Water sports: faster you go, harder it is.”

Decline plank

“I really feel it in my core because you will have to stay balanced and stabilized as you go up and down.”


“For this one, use leg raises.”

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“Found a rock, pull it out front so it engages your core and then you can do some lunges with it, and as you go to the side, it also engages your core a little bit.”

Aside from these, Mitchell also does jumping jacks, pull-ups, mountain climbers, dips, pull-ups, and, most recently, meditation. “Enjoy the suffer, embrace the suck,” as he exclaims.  

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