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Dries Van Noten’s spring-summer 2022 communicates freedom

Dries Van Noten’s spring-summer 2022 communicates freedom

It is all about unrestricted silhouettes and liberty in movement 

“We wanna be free! We wanna be free to do what we wanna do. And we wanna get loaded. We wanna have a good time,” sounded the audio in the beginning of Dries Van Noten’s spring-summer 2022 presentation. 

“Freedom” was the ongoing theme for the collection as revealed by Dries, shaped when Antwerp was on its fifth lockdown. Longing for life in public, the film was shot in everyday locations in the city including streets, construction sites, convenience stores, night clubs, parks, and parking lots—almost a cry to be out unrestricted in public. 

With positive energy, carefree spirit, and bright palette, the collection celebrated an unhindered attitude—a mishmash of womenswear and menswear thrown into a single collection. Light silk suits, billowy summer shirts, oversized silhouettes which give freedom in movement; these were the promises from the Dries Van Noten spring-summer 2022 collection. Also, the capsule took a peek into the near future of post pandemic living. 

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