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Coach launches ‘Pride is Where You Find It’ collection

Coach launches ‘Pride is Where You Find It’ collection

Its campaign stars Miles Heizer, Rina Sawayama, and young people from the LGBTQIA+ organization partner Hetrick-Martin Institute

If there is a common thread among the stories about LGBTQIA+ individuals, it is about finding home. It is always a colorful quest filled with joy and despair that ends with one, hopefully, with the people they belong to, a family even without blood relation.

That’s the core of “Pride Is Where You Find It,” Coach’s latest campaign. The fashion brand aims to put LGBTQIA+ youth stories on the spotlight with the help of the voice from the people who live them. It also highlights the importance of finding a community that loves and celebrates one’s truth, even during this pandemic.

Leading the campaign are artists such as “13 Reasons Why” star Miles Heizer, singer-songwriter Rina Sawayama, Bob the Drag Queen, among others. It also features young individuals from the Hetrick-Martin Institute, an LGBTQIA+ youth organization, a partner of Coach for eight years.

“Connection and safe spaces are vital for LGBTQIA+ youth,” the brand posted. “In celebration of Pride, the Coach Foundation is working with Hetrick-Martin Institute, AKT Charity, Point Foundation, and LGBT Centerlink to create empowering spaces that ensure LGBTQIA+ young people have access to their chosen family.”

“Pride Is Where You Find It” also introduces the brand’s vibrant Pride collection. Tinted with the colors of the rainbow flag, the collection features an array of t-shirts, footwear, and bags in quilted design and the brand’s signature pattern.

Pieces from Coach’s 2021 Pride collection

“We are proud to support the LGBTQIA+ community with ‘Pride is Where You Find It,’ a campaign inspired by our belief that we are better when we can be ourselves, together,” says CEO and Brand President of Coach Todd Kahn. “Created with our Coach Family, it underscores the importance of community, now more than ever.”

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Text by John Legaspi

This article first appeared in Manila Bulletin

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