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WATCH: 5 health and fitness mistakes you must avoid according to Filipino-Canadian Kinesiologist Jeremy Ethier

WATCH: 5 health and fitness mistakes you must avoid according to Filipino-Canadian Kinesiologist Jeremy Ethier

His workouts promise efficient and effective results driven by science. 

There are a lot of fitness junkies who claim their way is the only way to achieve what your #BodyGoals are. With over three million Youtube subscribers, Jeremy proves that his efficient and effective techniques work, not just because he is a certified Kinesiologist, but because his system is built with science. 

Ever since Jeremy started his Youtube channel in 2016, the 30-year-old Filipino-Canadian has provided his subscribers science-backed training and nutritional videos. His structure is proven and shown through scientific literature that explains how it is effective and why it is the most efficient way to train. 

From the perfect way to do push-ups to why you can’t lose stubborn fat, here are the answers to your fitness difficulties as to why you’re churning slow progress.

The perfect push-up 

In this video, Jeremy does not only demonstrate the perfect form of doing push-ups with correct hand placement and elbow angle, but also explains as to why chest and triceps would grow faster if this exercise is done right, all the while avoiding problematic injuries and unnecessary mistakes. 

Lose your gut

A lot of people struggle in losing the stubborn fat around the waist (lower belly, love handles, and lower back) and in this entry, Jeremy explains why we can’t seem to get rid of it. From dietary mistakes like overlooking some condiments on your eating habits to becoming lazier as your exercise and meal plan progress, you have to check out the four things that are holding you back from losing fat. 

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Responsible for most of our mobility, our gluteus maximus (glutes) aren’t only responsible for walking, jumping, standing up, it is also the muscle that contracts and shapes out our butts. If you’re planning to make yourself thicker, Jeremy discusses a four-way plan to activate the glutes in this video. 

Better, Faster, Stronger

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We all know we need protein to build muscles, but according to Jeremy, there’s a more efficient way to build muscles faster. The first thing he mentions to achieve this growth is to spread out the daily protein intake into four to five meals daily throughout the day. He also let us in into a little known tip that we should ingest a small amount of protein before bedtime since that’s the longest period of us going without food in our body. 

Back at it

We believe in loving the skin and the body that one is in, but if you’re planning to get that V-trimmed shape, the inverted triangle shape that swimmers have, you have to get into this video about getting a wider back fast. Jeremy explains scientifically that developing the latissimus dorsi (lats) are the main key in achieving the “look.” This technique does not only give you the V-taper look but also an illusion of a smaller waist. 

Jeremy also offers personalized home workouts for free and if you’re interested, you can start by taking a one-minute analysis quiz on his website

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