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Here’s one of 2020s craziest concepts: A sexy Col. Sanders

Here’s one of 2020s craziest concepts: A sexy Col. Sanders

Question: Is his catchphrase going to be ‘finger-licking good’?

With only a few days left, 2020 still has more bizarre things in its pocket. One of which is a famous fast food chain’s latest sexy endeavor to the screen.

Kentucky Fried Chicken or famously known as KFC is going to have Lifetime mini-movie which casts Mario Lopez as the muy caliente version of the fast food chain’s face, Colonel Harland Sanders.

Dubbed as A Recipe for Seduction, the film features Colonel Sanders as a private chef, and centers on his love affair with the adult daughter of the family he works for. Completing the serving of love, scandal, and treachery is the intrigue that comes with Colonel’s “secret recipe that’s going to change the world.”

It is funny to think that in history, the real-life Colonel Sanders had quite a thing for ladies. Did you know that he formulated his 12-spice secret recipe for his famous fried chicken the help of his mistress Claudia Price, the woman he hired to help his legal wife with household work? Now that’s a good telenovela plot!

This is not the first time the fast food brand took Colonel Sanders to a hotter-than-the-frying pan level. Last year, KFC launched I Love you, Colonel Sanders!, a game where people can date the silver fox.

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Well, here’s to hoping a Filipino KFC rom-com where Daniel Padilla as Colonel Sanders is coming our way. Kathniel and KFC fans will surely be delighted!

The 15-minute movie airs on Sunday, Dec. 13. Watch the trailer here:


Text: John Legaspi

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