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Top health tips we can learn from Fitness Coach Jules Aquino while staying at home

Top health tips we can learn from Fitness Coach Jules Aquino while staying at home

Now that we are all in enhanced quarantine, most of us have limited time to be outside while some are in a 24-hour curfew. What’s going on will take a toll on our mind, body, and spirit sooner or later. We caught up with Jules Aquino, a decathlete, previous Century Tuna Superbod champion, and Adidas Runners Manila captain on how he keeps fit, mentally and physically, in the current lockdown situation.

Here are five things he does to stay in shape during this lockdown:

1. Eat clean and explore and learn how to make healthier food options. It’s great that I’m not out every day, actually. I avoid fast food, unhealthy snacks, and eating out. It’s been much easier to maintain a healthier diet.

2. Work out! I don’t really do this for health, this is a plus. I just love and enjoy moving my body and working toward physical goals. I have all the time to work on all aspects of fitness: cardio, strength, flexibility and mobility, and physical skills all in a day. I try to learn something new, whether it’s patterns in calisthenics, animal flow, yoga, or even dance moves. Just go have fun with it!

3. Stay organized and have a routine. Things can get hectic without a job. I need to have my things and daily routines together as if this lockdown doesn’t exist. You’ll go crazy after week 1 of doing absolutely nothing. Haha!

4. Learn and read. Try to learning something new every day. Aside from topics related to health and fitness, I’ve been looking into planting and having my own homegrown resources and other plants for the room. I’ve had a long reading list I’ve never gotten around to as well.

5. Do plenty of meditating, reflecting, and writing. Getting to know myself better, and looking for ways that I can improve.

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Bonus: Avoid COVID-19 media. I get the importance of staying up to date but man, it gets draining seeing the same things every day from all group chats and other forms of communication. We’re in a tight spot in the Philippines; the count of victims continues to rise, including medical and health professionals. At this rate, if we are careless, the number of cases will continue to rise and the duration of the lockdown will extend.

Jules also suggests that we all get ourselves some vitamin D. “The best thing to do is be at home, get some sun from the balcony, roof or space in front or behind your house, and do things for yoursel,” he says. “I’m sure all of us have plenty of things we’ve been neglecting in our personal lives. Now’s our time to get to it. Honestly, we all know what to do to stay healthy. I’m not saying anything new. Practice good health for the mind, body and soul. We have all the time for it now!”

Photographer: Ronan Capili
Sittings Editor: Yzza Hablado
Grooming: Xy Eugenio
Hairstylist: Karen Gallano

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