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Let the new Uniqlo and Alexander Wang collection hug you through the chill of the cuffing season

Let the new Uniqlo and Alexander Wang collection hug you through the chill of the cuffing season

Okay, so it’s been unseasonably hot during the past few weeks, but the feeling of being left out in the cold can happen to any one of us at any time, more so especially when it’s cuffing season. You know, that time of the year when you somehow feel compelled to be with someone (anyone?) to get through to the end of the year. But you know what? There’s no need to succumb to feeling sorry for yourself, or worse, jumping into any pseudo-relationship just to ward off loneliness. As Venus Retrograde draws to a close (thank the heavens), Uniqlo also comes to the rescue with its latest collaboration with designer Alexander Wang.

The Uniqlo and Alexander Wang collections launches with the campaign Warmth Reimagined, which depicts pieces from the collection encased in an ice block.

Launching worldwide today, November 9, the new Uniqlo and Alexander Wang collection reworks classic ideas on inner wear—think ’80s cuts and ribbed fabrics—by fusing Uniqlo’s groundbreaking HEATTECH fabric technology with the Asian-American designer’s stylishly minimalist New Yorker appeal. Coming in no-fail neutrals (black, white, gray, and nude) and the peppy neon green, the collection comes with the campaign “Warmth Reimagined” to drive home the point of HEATTECH’s capability to keep the body warm and the sweat-caused moisture wicked away, this time in an even chicer package.

There are six items in the men’s collection and 10 in the women’s. For the guys, there are the ribbed crew neck tee (P990), the ribbed tank top (P790), the ribbed boxer briefs (P790), the ribbed briefs (P790), the Extra Warm crew neck tee (P1,490), and the Extra Warm tights (P1,490).

HEATTECH Extra Warm tights, P1,490
HEATTECH long-sleeved Ribbed Crew Neck T, P990, and HEATTECH Ribbed Boxer Briefs, P790

For the women’s collection, there are the long-sleeved crew neck tee (P990), the long-sleeved ribbed crew neck tee (P990), the ribbed leggings (P990), the bra (P990), the shorts (P590), the ribbed sleeveless top P(790), the ribbed sleeveless body suit (P1,490), the Extra Warm sleeveless top (P990), the Extra Warm leggings (P1,490), and the Extra Warm long-sleeved body suit (P1,990).

HEATTECH Ribbed Sleeveless Body Suit, P1,490
HEATTECH Ribbed Sleeveless Top, P790, and HEATTECH Extra Warm Leggings, P1,490

Soft and with plenty of give that allows them to conform to the body, the pieces from the collection has a neo-futuristic athletic appeal that lends them appropriate as both inner wear and as outer wear. The ribbed sleeveless top for women, for example, has a unique back design that elevates it from the typical tank top. A discreet Uniqlo and Alexander Wang logo also appears on the waistbands of the bottoms.

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Cuffing season, schmuffing season—we’re all enough as we are all the time, but there’s zero harm in putting on something as soft, comfortable, and stylish as the new Uniqlo and Alexander Wang collection to feel just a bit warmer and better.

See the full collection at the Uniqlo and Alexander Wang special website

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