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Attention, men: here’s how to glow up with the help of Fenty Beauty

Attention, men: here’s how to glow up with the help of Fenty Beauty

In a world of selfies, when putting your best foot forward means putting your best face forward, how do we keep up in the game? It’s a shame we can’t walk around with VSCO filters and spot-blurs to perfectly hide our blemishes, but what filters can’t offer, make-up can proffer.

“Fake it ’til you make it”—which, in this case, means hiding impurities until your skin becomes clearer. (If you’re not blessed with good skin, this would need your patience.)

Makeup is both a good and a bad friend. Find your match: Perfect! Find a wrong one: Grotesque (i.e., a blotchy and patchy complexion and worse, vicious breakouts)! So what better way to use your time online other than learn how to make yourself look your best with makeup that’s right for you?

Basically, when talking about makeup for men, we want something that looks and feels as if it were nothing once applied on the skin. One key element to achieving that “no makeup” look is finding the right shade to cover your skin imperfections and the right formula that will go on you like second skin.

Makeup tutorials are a dime a dozen on YouTube, but we found one that breaks down the basic products (all from Fenty Beauty) you’d need to make yourself look flawless—err, almost flawless, because you have to learn how to apply products skillfully first.

0:45 Light coverage

Fenty Beauty Match Stix

Fenty Beauty Match Stix are matte skin sticks that are used as concealer-slash-color corrector for redness, dark circles, and any discoloration on the face. (It can also be used as a contour stick, if you need your cheekbones and jawline to pop out more, but that’s another tutorial.) Match Stix come in 20 shades so you’ll definitely find the right match for your skin tone, especially to hide the redness around your nose. It comes in a magnetic tube, so you can snap it together with the other Fenty products.

1:25 Full coverage
Pro Filt’r Foundation this one comes in 40 shades. Yup! Forty. The Fenty Beauty website even has a foundation shade-finder where you can select which shade you naturally have, from light and medium to tan and deep. And as the name suggest, Pro Filt’r gives the skin an instantly smooth look. It also minimizes the appearance of pores, plus it is sweat- and humidity-resistant; wearing it would be literally be walking around town with an instant filt’r for your face.

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Fenty Beauty global makeup artist Hector Espinal points in the video that the foundation can be used to conceal razor bumps; proper blending is all that’s needed. He mostly used his fingers to apply Pro Filt’r, resulting in natural-looking, even coverage.

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Foundation

3:00 Oil blotting
Invisimatte is a rolled blotting paper in a lipstick-sized compact that comes with a mirror. If you tend to get a little oily during the day and you need a little touch-up, make sure to score this one as well. It’s perfect for eliminating the shine on your T-zone. Another oil/shine remover is the Invisimatte Blot N Brush, a translucent powder that absorbs shine, giving you that matte, oil-free look. Invisimatte Blot N Brush also comes with the Portable Touch Up Brush 130 that you can dip and dab onto your T-zone for proper powder application.

Fenty Beauty Invisimatte
Fenty Beauty Invisimatte Blot N Brush

In the Philippines, you can find Fenty Beauty at the Sephora website.

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