triART is a proudly Filipino start-up that sells bespoke Filipino designed art-wear. Looking to rethink the industry and with fast fashion’s pollution contribution in mind, this company advocates for a less wasteful future with the message “Empowering artists with zero waste”. Their retail model is designed to encourage customers to be mindful about their consumption and engage with local artists in a meaningful way achieved with (co)lab. Here are five fast facts about

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(co)lab artist 009 Lee Caces A multimedia artist whose works are inspired from his journeys through nature and the self. Following a four year career in the media industry, he transitioned to working as a full-time freelance artist in 2016. His work now focuses on illustration, designing merchandise, painting commercial murals, and brand collaborations. Inspired by the combination of both mindsets: beach culture and athlete’s discipline. What they have in common is to be in a state of flow. Having focus, involvement, and enjoyment. Being in the zone. The shirt (when worn) feels like a lightweight armor. That extra layer of confidence. A reminder that no matter what lies ahead, just get up and start creating. *ethically constructed with REPREVE®️ (recycled bottles repurposed to bring this garment to life, to find out more visit Available for pre-order on on 10.01.20 #envisionedwithtriART #studydesigncreate

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1. From their logistics to designers, triART’s systems are all Filipino. Their (co)lab artitsts are Jappy Agoncillo, PAPILIO, Lee Caces, Distort Monsters, Cab Nov, Tropical Futures Institute, Jethro Olba, Appreciate Y’all, and Silcero.

2. Their polyester garments are made with Repreve yarn, a patented US technology that recycles plastic bottles into high quality sports fabrics, while their 100% cotton garments have minimal finishing giving them a natural feel while reducing water pollution.

3. When triART agrees on a (co)lab, the company only produces the exact number of orders, meaning there is zero waste and zero inventory, making your art-wear is highly exclusive and collectable.

4. Anybody can contact triART to start a (co)lab. Designers, small businesses, and graphic artists are all encouraged to bring their branding and designs to life.

5. Customers can engage with artists and triART to discover more and gain insights into the (co)lab process. Utilizing social media, triART is seeking to make fashion an interactive community.


You can pre-order triArt art-wear starting October 1, here.