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Here are grooming essentials that will hit you below the belt

Here are grooming essentials that will hit you below the belt

Certain matters regarding our private areas need to be addressed publicly: Hygiene, reproductive health, sexual pleasure, and consent especially. It’s 2019, people; these aren’t taboo subjects anymore. So let me go straight to the point and talk about balls. I have never struggled with odor in the groin area because for as long as I could remember, there is always a bottle of feminine wash in our family bathroom, and being the curious kid that I was, I tried using it along with every single thing I had found on the bathroom shelf. (I’m not sure if masculine wash was already available in the early 2000s.) While it certainly wasn’t out of need when I started using them, I wonder what the risk would be if I stopped cleaning myself down there with feminine wash. By the way, I’m not risking anything. On the flip side, though, I have always been sweaty, and since college, I’ve been using antiperspirant (aluminum chloride) on my pits. TMI alert: My pits sweat even when I’m sitting in an air-conditioned room. It is something I have learned to live with, especially with the weather feeling as if Earth were closer to the sun than Mercury. Just 30 seconds out for anyone, and their state would be “sweaty as balls.” Which leads us to a product that is made specifically for men’s sweat-and-odor-prone nether regions. Below The Belt Grooming is a range of everyday body care products uniquely formulated to keep the balls and groin area fresh and comfortable. There are currently three products in the line that are formulated to keep the balls dry, fresh, and safe from irritants, and I got the chance to test them out. First, the BTB Instant Clean Balls.

BTB Instant Clean Balls

This will come in handy during packed days when your itinerary starts with work early in the day and ends with dinner late in the evening, with no chance for a quick wash in between, and feeling fresh again down there after a long day will always put you in a better mood. Think of this product as a shower in a spray bottle.

BTB Sports Lubricant

I’m not sporty but I appreciate how useful the BTB Sports Lubricant would be on days where there’ll be a lot of walking or bicycle- or motorcycle-riding to be done due to errands. Too much friction in the groin area, either due to too tight underwear and/or sweaty skin-to-skin rubbing, causes irritation, which this lubricant helps remedy and even avoid. It’s ideal for runners, cyclers, and any other athlete, really.

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BTB Fresh and Dry Balls

This product I really believe in: the BTB Fresh and Dry Balls. A fast-absorbing cream that tingles for about five seconds after application, it is applied after shower and leaves a fresh and clean scent, and I tried it on a day when I’d be learning a new skill that involves mind and body coordination. Training always triggers profound sweating in me, especially when I would be practicing what I’ve learned under the sun. When I got home hours later, I checked my underwear before taking a shower and saw a pi-shaped (π) dry spot at the crotch area. That’s how I knew this cream was effective. I was amazed with the results, to be honest. But now, since my sweat has been blocked from exiting through my armpits and my groin, it seems to be concentrated all on my scalp. I wouldn’t be joking when I say my sweat flows down my forehead and my face. But that’s another problem for another humid day. Below The Belt Grooming For Men is currently available on Lazada and Shopee. You can also follow Below The Belt Grooming on their Instagram and Facebook. Header image by James Barr on Unsplash

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