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NEW: 5 must-have scents of the season

NEW: 5 must-have scents of the season

Add these captivating scents, inspired by the sun, rain, and florals, to your collection

As we step into the third quarter of the year, the weather undergoes a shift. If you’re still searching for the perfect fragrance or looking to expand your collection for this season, Luxasia has introduced five new fragrances inspired by the sun, rain, and luminous florals. These scents will keep you feeling fresh and sensual as the “brrr” months approach.

If you’re in search of woody fragrances with aquatic facets or scents inspired by florals embraced by the muskiness of Ambroxan, your search ends here. Check out this roster!

Bulgari Man Rain Essence

Ever wondered what rain smells like? Master perfumer Alberto Morillas captured the essence of rain and bottled it in Bulgari Man Rain Essence. 

Drawing inspiration from nature and men, he encapsulated the elements of rain, from its first drop to the intensity of the droplets and the calmness after the rain. The fragrance features green tea and orange essence for magnetic freshness, white lotus and crystal musk accords for clear floralcy, and amber with Guaiac essence for comforting warm woody notes.

Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue Summer Vibes

For those seeking hot boy and hot girl summer perfumes, check out the limited-edition flankers of the classically popular Light Blue fragrances from the same house. Alberto Morillas crafts the men’s version with Cypress and Sicilian lemon as stars, providing an earthy and citrusy sharp freshness. The base of the pour homme fragrance finishes off with warm wood brought by amber.

For women, Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue Summer Vibes also opens with fresh citrus and flowers. The heart reveals the sweetness of juicy peaches balanced by a touch of warm cedarwood.

Ferragamo Signorina Libera

If you prefer a lively, light, and peppy mood, you’ll definitely enjoy the new offering from Ferragamo. Signorina Libera features a floral, musky, and gourmand blend. 

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The fragrance starts with sparkling velvet pear and Calabrian bergamot, giving it freshness. The heart combines rose absolute and plum nectar for floral facets, while the mix of cashmere woods and Ambroxan adds sweet, sugary accents. The fragrance is bottled in a light yellow glass, capturing the brightness of the sun.

Jimmy Choo Rose Passion

For something sexy, a little salty, and totally seductive, Rose Passion is the way to go. Imagine a tropical blend of coconut water enriched with blooming frangipani flowers, combined with the headiness of orchids and jasmine, and base notes of exotic vanilla. This new offering from Jimmy Choo is exhilarating and long-lasting.

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