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How actor Kit Connor trains to get swole

How actor Kit Connor trains to get swole

The ‘Heartstopper’ actor is training with fitness enthusiast and personal trainer Nathaniel Messiah for an upcoming movie

Actor Kit Connor, known for his role in “Heartstopper,” recently went viral for training with 20-year-old powerlifter Nathaniel Messiah and showing off his muscles in a video. Nathaniel revealed that he is training Kit for an upcoming movie, which has not yet been announced.

During the video, the duo focused on push exercises for chest, shoulders, and triceps, while discussing their personal fitness journeys. Kit shared that when he was cast in “Heartstopper,” some netizens criticized his physique, which motivated him to start working out. 

“The character I’m based on is like 6’2, very big, and I was shorter than I am now, and skinnier,” shared the actor when asked why he started working out. “When it got announced, there were some people on the internet going like ‘he’s a bit too skinny to play him.'”

He began with bodyweight exercises, doing 200 pushups a day, and eventually started hitting the gym to develop a more muscular physique.

“I started just doing pushups,” he continued. “I was doing 200 pushups a day, and the only thing that was developing was my chest. So if you look at ‘Heartstopper,’ there’s a couple of points where I’m wearing quite a tight shirt. The boobies were looking quite large, I was like ‘Yes!’ But then I started properly hitting the gym. It’s good, it’s good for your mental health, I think.”

Throughout the video, Kit and Nathaniel took turns using machines to do shoulder presses, dumbbell flies, and standing cable curls while Nathaniel shared his regular workout routine.

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Check out the video below to see the duo in action:

In addition to “Heartstopper,” Kit has appeared in “Rocketman,” “Little Joe,” “Slaughterhouse Rulez,” “The Mercy,” and “Get Santa,” among other films.

Photo source: Nathaniel Messiah’s social media accounts.

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