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WATCH: This heart-warming campaign is a must-see for the whole family

WATCH: This heart-warming campaign is a must-see for the whole family

Y.O.U. Beauty launches a holiday campaign that is truly relatable to all Filipinos

It’s safe to say that it’s genuine Paskong Pinoy when family and friends get-together during the festive season. As much as we love seeing everyone, most of the time we get intimidated and embarrassed especially when we are presented with unsolicited opinions brought by the elders in the family. 

Most of the time, reunions and family gathering greetings include comments about our bodies, our social lives, and general life choices that our relatives don’t agree on. 

This year, Y.O.U. Beauty puts emphasis on this outlook with a holiday campaign called “beYOUtifulholidays.” The campaign highlights the slogan that says “YOU lets you, be YOU,” talking about self-love, acceptance, confidence, and empowerment.

“#beYOUtifulholidays shows that YOU matter,” shares the brand. “Being your authentic self is the best gift that you can give to yourself, and therefore to others. Self-love plays a huge role in all our relationships. As one of this generation’s icons say, ‘If you can’t love yourself, how

are you gonna love somebody else?’”

Watch the campaign below:

Y.O.U. Beauty understands the importance of self-care and provides accessible luxury beauty skincare solutions for all skin types and skin colors. The brand also aims to help not only your skin to have that long-lasting beauty, but also sees the need to empower and give confidence to everyone. 

For more inspirational entries, follow Y.O.U. Beauty of their socials. 

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