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Ami Paris fall 2022 is all about understated elegance

Ami Paris fall 2022 is all about understated elegance

Alexandre Mattiussi takes viewers to the Parisian metro

“The metro, a place where everyone mixes and blends, where trends develop. Like a mirror of the city’s diversity and style,” Ami Paris described their latest collection. Set in an old stock exchange building, sitting under above a transport hub, the minimalistic and monochromatic location served as a perfect host to the assortment of looks and pieces the designer curated.

Key looks included see-through black tops with Ami’s heart motifs and the use of black leather maximized in pieces of long coats, jackets, and gloves. Leopard print was also apparent and was seen on a number of outerwear, shoes, and trousers while neons materialized in suits, pullovers, blazers, and puffer jackets. 

There were also a number of casual denim looks which contrasted the formality of the majority of looks making the collection a mish mash of what you’d typically expect from a chic subway rode by people from all walks of life. 

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