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WATCH: How to build lean strength like Adam Levine

WATCH: How to build lean strength like Adam Levine

The rock star gives us a peek into his workout routine

Austin Pohlen, Adam Levine’s personal trainer, just posted on Instagram a video of the Maroon 5 frontman performing a variety of exercises to build stability and strength. In a series of gym clips, the fitness coach highlighted Adam’s workout routine into four essential moves: overhead press, dumbbell rows, landmine rotations, and landmine press.

“When you’re training consistently it’s important to add in variations of your core foundational movements,” Austin shared. “For one it’s important to create a new stimulus through slightly different training patterns but also important to keep the client from getting bored.”

As to Adam’s workout, here are Austin’s notes: 

For the seated trap bar overhead press: “We do a fair amount of overhead training and this is an exercise that works on stability and is great for general shoulder health.”

For landmine rotations: “Second exercise is landmine rotations which is one of my favorite core movements. Don’t need much weight to make these difficult.”

For landmine press: “Third exercise is another favorite, 1/2 kneeling landmine press. Safe movement to strengthen the shoulders.”

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For dumbbell rows: “Last exercise is stop and go DB rows. The difference between these and your basic row is you get the full stretch through your last plus full scapular movement. On top of this, you get zero momentum so it adds a bit of difficulty.”

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