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A head-to-toe grooming checklist before you get on your summer on-the-go

A head-to-toe grooming checklist before you get on your summer on-the-go

Since the weekend before Easter, the mass exodus of city folks heading to the slightly distant shores of the beach of their choice has started. If you also have plans to head out of the city soon, we hope you don’t let your normal grooming practices take a vacation too. A little preparation goes a long way in keeping your skin, both on your face and the rest of your body, healthy and ready for public exposure.



You know better than to leave the house without sun protection; what more when you’re hitting the beach? But before you coat yourself with sun screen or sun block (yes, there’s a difference between the two, as the experts we’ve consulted told us), don’t forget to moisturize. Moisturizing before applying sun protection makes the skin smoother and creates a barrier to prevent dehydration. After direct sun exposure, moisturize again to soothe and heal your freshly fried skin, ideally with products formulated with aloe vera. Don’t forget to protect your kisser as well with lip balms that come with SPF.



A bit of chest hair is good, and an occasional pass of clippers can keep it from getting tangled.

Back hair, however, is a no-no. Get rid of it through waxing but never shaving, as back stubble is even worse than back hair. Expect to spend around P850 to get waxed, but one waxing session can keep your back smooth for at least three weeks. Prevent ingrown hairs and irritation caused by sweat with hydrocortisone cream.

Laser hair removal is also something to consider, though you should avail of this at a reputable skincare clinic and have a doctor do the procedure. A diode machine can remove back hair for good in just four once-a-week 15-minute sessions. Plus, laser helps with inflammation, so it can also address bacne.

For the armpits, simply trim the hair there. For the arms, grooming arm hair is necessary only for swimmers and triathletes.

Don’t skip on the SPF, even though you’re planning to get a nice tan. Instead of relying on baby oil, pick self-tanners that will allow you some color while still screening out cancer-causing rays. They also provide just the right amount of sheen to define your gains from the gym.


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It’s flip-flops season so pay attention to your toes and heels. Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness will undoubtedly encourage you to go for a pedicure and even a foot spa at a salon before your beach trip, and will also advice you to ask the salon technician not to trim your cuticles but simply push them. Request as well for your nails to be buffed matte instead of shiny.

Sand and saltwater are great, not to mention free, exfoliating agents. After a day at the beach, though, keep your feet healthy by replenishing lost moisture with an emollient like Aquaphor or petroleum jelly. After taking a shower, work either of these onto your toenails and cuticles to prevent breakage.


Photographer: Cholo Dela Vega
Grooming: Eddiemar Cabiltes
Model: Marc Nash of CalCarries
A version of this story originally appeared in the April 2015 issue of Garage Magazine.

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