Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior follow the scent of opportunity

“Perfume today has lost its soul. It is far too mass and too marketed, lacking in personality.” That was Michael...

By Jerico VillamonteApril 29, 2017

Behind the face

Skin Inc Pure Revival Peel This non-abrasive peel that gently removes dead skins cells with its high-performance ingredients. Kiehl’s Dermatologist...

By Jerico VillamonteApril 28, 2017

Do you even moisturize, bro?

NEW YORK — David Yi had an early introduction to beauty regimens. “Growing up in a Korean household, my mother...

By Jerico VillamonteApril 27, 2017

Beyond the basics

“First impressions are important. Within the first two to three seconds of meeting you, people have already formed almost 80...

By Jerico VillamonteApril 18, 2017

The Bench fashion show

Cut above the rest

To kick off the retail giant’s year-long celebration of its 30th B-day this year, it opens the doors of Bench...

By Jerico VillamonteApril 16, 2017

Find your ultimate scent

Looking to try a new fragrance? Well, worry not, because international casual wear brand Penshoppe can help you find your...

By Jerico VillamonteApril 14, 2017

Charcoal’s new mission: Cleaning your face

Oh, charcoal. Are you dirty? Clean? Both? Neither? Whatever the case, a new class of grooming products includes charcoal as...

By Jerico VillamonteApril 13, 2017

Baby-faced men opt for beard transplants

Jose Armos, 28, a paramedic who lives in Miami, looked so young that, when responding to 911 calls, he seemed...

By Jerico VillamonteApril 5, 2017

Midas scent

Coty Philippines launched its newest fragrance from Calvin Klein: CK One Gold. CK One Gold is a tribute to the...

By Jerico VillamonteMarch 29, 2017

Time in a bottle

Recovering from last night’s party? Fear not looking all smashed the morning after with these regenerating concentrates to undo last...

By Jerico VillamonteMarch 26, 2017