Calvin Harris’ latest drop hits us in the “Feels”

No, not the serious ones; just the “Can I drop everything and run away to the beach for a minute?”...

By September Grace MahinoJune 27, 2017


Must-binge: Why a show about ’80s ladies wrestling is worth cancelling your plans for the day

The hair, the leotards, the leg warmers, the Jazzercise routines. We may not have earthly memories of these cultural landmarks,...

By September Grace MahinoJune 27, 2017


Eid Mubarak! Here are podcasts that can help us understand contemporary Muslim culture better

Representation is important. In breaking stereotypes, in understanding a community that’s an “other” to the one we’ve grown up in,...

By September Grace MahinoJune 26, 2017


What to bring when heading north

You’ve booked your plane ticket, made reservations for accommodations, and prepared an extra memory card for all the photos and...

By September Grace MahinoJune 24, 2017


Travel diary: Close encounters with Itbayat’s almost harsh beauty

For the first 15 minutes of the boat trip, it was all sunny skies and Instagram photo-stockpiling. I was confident...

By September Grace MahinoJune 24, 2017


In honor of Manila Day, here are our suggestions on what to enjoy around the city

How do we love Manila? Please don’t make us count the ways because it’s not going to be easy. Not...

By September Grace MahinoJune 23, 2017


The round-up: new stuff to hit the screens (while we wait for next month’s Game of Thrones premiere)

Here are some of the things we’re looking forward to as June starts to wind down to a close. Everything,...

By September Grace MahinoJune 19, 2017


How else can a good cup of coffee be improved? By pairing it with food, of course.

Coffee at breakfast, coffee with dessert. These sound like obvious combinations, but much like wine, a cup of brew can...

By September Grace MahinoJune 19, 2017


Not yet sure yet where to rock out this Fête weekend? Take our suggestion.

Tomorrow, June 17, will be the first day of Fête de la Musique 2017. Do you know which stage you’ll...

By September Grace MahinoJune 16, 2017


How to get into self-publishing–and make a career out of it

Ever dreamt of having the credential “bestselling author” right next to your name? Been long incubating an idea for the...

By September Grace MahinoJune 16, 2017