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Quarantine Eats: Easy to make recipes from Pinoy Chefs

Quarantine Eats: Easy to make recipes from Pinoy Chefs

No matter how much you want to praise Ligo sardines on how they handled marketing stunt recently, we can only do so much with sardines because sooner or later, our palates will want variations. We looked up what our Pinoy chefs are cooking in the time of quarantine, and we are grateful for their creativity and generosity in sharing these recipes whether from canned goods or leftovers. Recreate and reinvent dishes with  ingredients we can find lying around our kitchen. From mains to desserts, here are easy-to-cook recipes you can surely share when someone asks you, “What’s cookin’, good lookin’?”

Chef JP Anglo and wife Camille Anglo has been sharing recipes since lockdown. Here are some of their cookouts, Low-Carb Beef Misono, Crispy Egg Noodles, and the Perfect Omelette. Quick chef tip? Make it spicy!

Chef and entrepreneur JM Sunglao shows us how we can turn a simple chicken into something extra! See his process and how he likes eat his very own Hot Fried Chicken here:

The Hungry Chef aka Chef Nathaniel Uy shows us some pork and fish dishes through his Instagram account! From bits and pieces of leftovers and other healthy items, here are his laing-stuffed roast pork and Chinese style steamed Pampano.

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If your sweet tooth has been aching for something sugary, Chef Miko Aspiras has  got you covered! Here’s his easy but elegant dessert with some precaution: practice social distancing while eating!

BONUS: Alcohol doesn’t have to end just on your hands, you can have some to was down your palate! Here’s Rian Assidao sharing some Gin and Tonic cocktail recipes you can enjoy while staying in the comfort  of your home! Make sure you are in a safe space while drinking, and hold only the liquor you can take!

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