If you think that walking from your bedroom to the dining table is enough to burn what you’ve consumed from binge watching Netflix or browsing through Twitter, think again! Although food may get you through this crisis, it’ll be best supported by a healthy and fit body! We’ve round up some of Insta-fitness accounts we can call “workout-from-home buddies” that give tips on how we can stay (or start getting) in shape, which range from basic to advanced exercises. Take a break from your all-day siesta, open your IG, find some space and determination.

Not everybody has gym equipment at home so let’s start with what you already have, you and your body weight. Here are few sets from Tinoy Borromeo using his own weight and some home furniture working out the upper and lower body.

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Never miss leg day! Here is a short lower body bodyweight workout that I did today to fire up the legs! Focus on both control and explosive movements. 💪🏽 #ItsYoBoyTinoy #legday . . 5 rounds of: 1️⃣ Squat Pulse to Elevator Squats (10-12 reps). 2️⃣ Kneeling Squat Jump to Squat Jump (10-12 reps). 3️⃣ Alternating Side Lunges (10-12 reps per leg). 4️⃣ Bulgarian Split Squat to Tuck Jump (10-12 reps per leg). 5️⃣ Single Leg Glute Bridge with Pulse (10-12 reps per leg). . If you need help with form, progressions, modified versions or other concerns about the workout, shoot me a DM and I will be glad to help you out! STAY FIT AND HEALTHY EVERYONE! #itsyoboytinoy . . REMINDERS: *Don’t forget to WARM UP before the workout and STRETCH after! *Wear shoes. *Stay Hydrated during the workout. *Stay Motivated. *Have Fun! . 👟: @sauconyph . . . #legday #leghomeworkout #homeworkout #fitness #healthylifestyle #explosivetraining #strength #workout #squats #legdayworkout #athlete #bodyweightworkout #bodyweightexercises #lowerbodyworkout #legworkout

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Learn how Kiana Henares trains her abs and booty with her Dynamic Home Booty and Abs High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) doing sets of squats and lunges.

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DYNAMIC HOME BOOTY AND ABS HIIT WORKOUT 🍞🍑 . So important to keep active in order to not lose your fitness momentum and get restless being cooped up all day. Even without your usual gym equipment, you can still stay active with these dynamic functional moves. Tried to be intentional on raising that heart rate, tightening that waist, while hitting that booty and abs from all the right angles. So if you try this out, pls feel free to dm me how you feel after. ✌🏽 🔹Turning Squat Jumps 15 jumps to the left, 15 right 🔹Side Lunge Sweep 15 each leg 🔹Knee to Back Lunge 15 each leg 🔹Squat to Curtsy Lunge 15 each leg 🔹Mountain Climbers 15 each leg Rest and repeat. Do 1-3 sets depending on your fitness level. P.s. sorry for the messy gym mats area. Obvs haven’t been using this area for a while.

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If you’re looking for isolation exercises, check out Quito Trenas’s chest exercises mixing variations of basic and explosive push-ups!

We also included Sam Ajdani’s full-body bodyweight workout that targets abs, chest, legs, and core challenging us with 100 reps per exercise.

If you have free weight equipment sitting at home, now is the best time to use them!

Look how Lexi Gancayco takes care of her arms! Look how she pushes herself with these upper body movements supplemented by weights.

For intermediate and advanced trainees, we have Grant Teng’s workouts using weights for you! Take a look and start following his Anti-Virus programs.

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Push, squat & lunge home workout with kettlebells (dumbbells will work too!) for intermediate & advanced trainees . Complete with some of my favorite intensity techniques (myo reps, tempo drop sets, pre-fatigue), inter-set flexing, and post-set 🤮 faces . Make sure to maintain the QUALITY of your reps. Keep your technique strict, and focus on the target muscle group… and try not to die 😂 . 1) Handstand Push Ups — 4 Sets 0-1 RIR 2) Myo Rep Push Ups — 1 Set AMRAP, rest for 5-10 seconds, do 5-10 more reps, repeat until you can no longer do 5-10 reps in a cluster 3) Constant Tension Bulgarian Split Squat — 2 Sets 0-1 RIR 4A) 4:1:4:0 Tempo Lateral Raises — 2 Sets 0-1 RIR 4B) Paused Lateral Raises — 2 Sets 0-1 RIR 4C) Lateral Raises (Normal Tempo) — 2 Sets 0 RIR 5A) Wall Sits — 2 Sets Max Time 5B) Short Stride Walking Lunges — 2 Sets 0 RIR . Tag your fellow quarantined gym buddies and don’t forget to hit SAVE!

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Intermediate to advanced pull & hinge (..with a twist 😉 @wearetms ) home workout with 50lb dumbbells from @playhard.fitness and bands from @bootybandph (You can definitely use lighter dumbbells or kettlebells, but may have to increase reps, slow down the tempo, or pause for a little longer) . The usual bread & butter exercises followed by some nasty metabolite finishers! Biceps and rear delts were absolutely fried by the end of the session!! 🤢 . Again, focus on QUALITY technique. For the hamstring exercises, make sure you get a solid stretch. For everything else, CONTRACT! . 1) DB Romanian Deadlifts (Constant tension with a slow 4-count eccentric) — 3 Sets 1-2 RIR 2) DB B-Stance Stiff Leg Deadlifts — 2 Sets 1-2 RIR 3) Standing Single Arm Band Row (Paused with lateral spinal flexion) — 3 Sets 0-1 RIR 4) DB Supinated Deadstop Tripod Rows (Paused) — 3 Sets 1-2 RIR 5A) Reverse Grip Band Curls — 2 Sets 0-1 RIR 5B) Bayesian Band Curls — 2 Sets 0-1 RIR 5C) Squat-supported Band Preacher Curls — 2 Sets 0 RIR 6A) Band Rear Delt Flys — 2 Sets 0-1 RIR 6B) 90° Band Face Pulls — 2 Sets 0-1 RIR 6C) Narrow Band Face Pulls — 2 Sets 0-1 RIR 6D) Lying Band Upright Rows (High Band Placement) — 2 Sets 0 RIR . Tag your fellow quarantined gym buddy and don’t forget to hit SAVE!

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Noel Agra knows have to have fun incorporating manga with his workout! What about try his Dragon Ball Tabata dumbbell workout? A high intensity interval training using weights. Did we mention he’s a chef? He also updates his account with healthy recipes that you can recreate for a healthful diet.

Did I hear someone say band training? We got you! Here’s another Tabata training using resistance bands with Hideo Muraoka and Fatima Rabago. Totally a couple fitspiration!

Just came from the long line in the grocery filling up your pantry? Why not be creative and do a Hans Braga, using grocery as free weight for bicep curls and row variations?

Move those muscles, stretch your limbs, and keep your blood flowing with these fitspirations as we get through not only this community quarantine period, but also the other stressors of life!