Salvatore Ferragamo’s spring/summer 2019 collection takes us to a tropical island where the beach is warm, the woods are just a short trek away, exotic flowers bloom, and the water is pristine blue.

Both the collection’s menswear and womenswear lines are closely knit enough to drive home the point that that the Ferragamo man and woman share the same DNA. What’s noticeable is the liberal use of soft beige and soothing neutrals, with the occasional pop of emerald, burnt orange, and deep magenta.

Literally, knit is a highlight element: in a white blouson top, on the rubber-dipped soles of sneakers, and in weekender woven bags.

Micro details like tropical prints can also be seen in unusual places, such as on coats and suits. The iconic Gancini logo can be spotted on belts and is transformed into a rather familiar print on tote bags. Snakeskin, meanwhile, was used for leather pieces. Cork-platform sandals with brightly colored straps and a full-on turquoise Karung leather coat take centerstage.

Report by Melo Albert

Photographer: Dania Angela Flores