“My collection is a nostalgic trip back to my high school days, leading to summer of 2001. I felt a new independence then, a new energy through [my discovery of] the music of Groove Armada, Fatboy Slim, Basement Jaxx, and, most notably, Sugar Ray,” designer Yves Camingue says of his newest collection Suntoucher, which he presented at the recent Manila Fashion Festival. An excellent P.E. student, the designer also harked back to the sports scene circa 2000 through color blocking, and the resulting looks were a mostly seamless (though at times clunky) preppy and athletic hybrid.

Monochromatic florals worn with color-blocked jackets

Vertical and horizontal stripes, with a peek of black and white chess board print

“The kind of person who wears my clothes is the unassuming modern individualist: The kind who wears well-tailored clothes but with a bit of wit and humor. A bit eccentric sometimes, but still mindful of the everyday world, grounded to his habits, and has time to spare for his hobbies and passions like travel, coffee, artistic places and discovering new trends.”

Striped coordinates and accessories

A clash of prints in a subtle palette, livened up by strips of bright colors

Sporty meets preppy