Who: A 20-year-old model/singer who had left her native England in 2016 to know more about her Filipino roots. In the short time she has been here, Adela-Mae Marshall became part of Prima Stella Management’s stable of talents and got discovered by Viva Records.

What is your sign?
“I’m a Virgo: Very grounded, level-headed, and not a very argumentative person. And even when I feel that someone is being aggressive with me, I tend not to react to their behavior.”


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Your social media word of the year?
“‘Snatch-ural.’ Something is so natural, and you’re taken aback by how good it is.”

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How do you unplug from your online life?
“I unplug when I want to take care of myself; It’s hard when you’re constantly comparing yourself to the people you follow on Instagram.”

me looking for my self esteem after a long day of work

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What kind of mark do you want to make in both the modelling and music industries?
“That I don’t rely on my being half-mestiza to get opportunities. I’m ready to work hard, and I don’t want to sit back.”

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