Despite what popular media tries to shove down our throats, not all bodies are made in the same mold. To help broaden our ideas of what a healthy body can look like, Garage presents The Body Type series, where we feature individuals who come in different shapes and sizes and have a pretty healthy relationship with their bodies.

Eian Rances, actor, 5’8″, 145 lbs.

What do you like the best about your body type?
“I really love my body type. I’m lean, so [it’s easy to find] clothes [that fit me].”


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What fitness regimen and nutrition plan do you follow to care for your body?
“Actually, I don’t have a specific nutrition/diet plan. I eat everything I want. But when I hit the gym, I make it a point to always do ab workouts. And the only time I go on a diet is when I have upcoming events or photo shoots that require me to go shirtless.”


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Which celebrities do you find to have a similar body type/shape to yours?
“James Reid: not bulky, sakto lang.”

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