Despite what popular media tries to shove down our throats, not all bodies are made in the same mold. To help broaden our ideas of what a healthy body can look like, Garage presents The Body Type series, where we feature individuals who come in different shapes and sizes and have a pretty healthy relationship with their bodies. They share what they like about their physical form, how they care for it, and how they keep a healthy self-image.

Ponti Pontiveros, entrepreneur/hair, makeup, and special effects artist, 5’9″, 175lbs

What do you like the best about your body type?
“I find that I develop and gain lean mass quite fast if I follow my nutrition plan to the letter. If I have missed going to the gym when I’m traveling, it’s easy for me to get back to the routine, thanks to my muscle memory.”

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What fitness regimen and nutrition plan do you follow to care for your body?
“I go to the gym five to six times a week, focusing on one muscle group each time. I try to eat clean and regularly, and I make sure to watch my sugar intake especially at night.”

Which celebrities do you find to have a similar body type/shape to yours?
“My goal physique would be Chris Evans’. I really like his shoulder to waist ratio and the V taper [his torso has] especially when he’s filming Marvel movies. But I think my body and height is closest to Nick Jonas’: easy-to-build arms, but in need of more chest volume.”

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With the “perfect physique” shown on billboards, TVCs, magazine ads, and other mainstream media platforms, what can people with a different body type do or tell themselves to help keep their confidence and body image intact?
“Keep your goals realistic, do your research, and do not compare [yourself] with other people. Each person’s fitness journey will be different from one another and everything takes time. You will have to test out different routines and meal plans to find out which one works best for you and your lifestyle. Keep at it, and soon enough, you will see results and the more you will become motivated. Consistency is key.”