Presenting their newest addition to the SM family, SM Men unveiled Nico Bolzico as their newest brand ambassador last Saturday, July 1. Together with him were Garage cover star Tommy Esguerra, who spearheaded the Denim Unbound fashion show together with his fellow SM Youth ambassadors Richard Juan, Janna Tee, Kaila Estrada, Kyle Perry, Macauly Lofgren, and Erika Kristensen. SM’s newest genderless denim collection celebrated how denim’s distinct place in men’s fashion has become a unifying force in the lives of both men and women.

Nico Bolzico

SM Youth Ambassadors Erika Kristensen, Macauly Lofgren, Kyle Perry, Tommy Esguerra, Richard Juan,Kaila Estrada, and Janna Tee



Tommy Esguerra backstage


Photos by Acushla Obusan/SM Youth.